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Reading for Pleasure Program

Ms N Repin and Mr S Boyko

Reading is valued and nurtured at Sefton High School as evidenced by the popularity of the Library, the participation in the Premier’s Reading Challenge, the large increase in numbers of students seeking to be Library monitors and members of the Book Club. A culture of reading has developed and continues to grow among students and is supported by teachers from all faculties who promote reading for enjoyment and information both formally and informally encouraging a greater sense of the huge value of reading and its importance to students’ capacity to learn in general.

The aim of this reading initiative is to ensure that all students at Sefton High School value reading for pleasure and understand that research has shown that students who read regularly perform better in all academic fields, in the workplace and in their relationships with others.

To further support the reading culture of the school, any student may recommend a book to the library and that book after accessioning will be lent to that student first. The Sefton High School Work Planner has a section where all students in Years 7-12 must record their reading both fiction and non-fiction.

Activities which inspire students to read and appreciate the art of writing are centred around authors speaking to them and explaining reading and writing strategies, as well as excursions to the State Library and othr places that inspire and promote reading.


As part of the Premier’s Reading Challenge in which all students from Years 7 to 9 are entered at Sefton High School, a profile of individual students’ reading is compiled. Teachers monitor both the number of books read for the PRC and the number of books borrowed from the library. Students are withdrawn from classes to be motivated to read and informed of the latest books acquired by the library and to hear special speakers. Individual students are motivated to take on the reading challenge.

Sefton challenge

A new initiative The Year 10 Sefton Challenge, extends the concept of PRC to Year 10 students, who will be given 3 merit certificates for reading 20 books and a credit certificate for reading 30 books.

The enthusiastic participation in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 has also led to second and third extensions for reading 40 and 50 books.

Book club

The Book Club meets regularly on Wednesdays in E11 – Year 7 on even weeks and Years 8, 9 and 10 on odd weeks. Students discuss books they are reading, choose books for the Library from visiting publishers, participate in visiting author discussions and activities, as well as listening to guest teachers talk about books that have inspired them and that they value.