Sefton High School

Sincerity Scholarship Service

Telephone02 9644 4800


Librarian is Mr E Richards

Library Staff are Ms D Saveski and Ms H Zafirovska


The Library and associated learning spaces are user friendly and well-resourced to facilitate reading for pleasure amongst all students as well as providing effective learning spaces for senior students with timetabled study periods.

The Sefton High School library is an open plan learning space with over 20,000 resources to support students engaging in reading for pleasure and effective use of study periods. The library is organised to facilitate the movement of students between computers, study areas and book shelves to enable individual and small group research and study.

Study carrels and supervision is provided for Senior students during non face-to-face periods; laptops are available for borrowing for students completing private study subject to availability and demand. The fiction area is designed with comfortable seating for students and classes to select and read texts of their interest with most resources arranged by genre to support students’ discovery of new texts based on their interests.

During break times, students are permitted to use the Library for supervised independent reading and/or study in the computer bays, study carrels and fiction seating area. Students may also use designated areas for playing cards, chess and checkers; these resources can be borrowed from the Library during break times. 

To support the reading culture of the school, any student may request resources to be purchased for the Library for later borrowing. These requests are regularly analysed by the Teacher Librarian to curate a book catalogue reflective of students’ interests. Students in Years 7 to 9 are also supported through the Library to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge (PRC). The Teacher Librarian monitors this program and provides time and space for all students throughout the year to borrow and record books in their reading logs as well as providing book recommendations for students based on their interests and reading level.