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Head Teacher is Ms R Singh

About Science

Science has developed as a field of intellectual activities as people have sought to discern and explain patterns of events and phenomena in the world around them. It has progressively developed into a learning discipline with its own customs, procedures and fields of investigation.

Science has accumulated a body of knowledge that leads to explanations for a variety of phenomena and interactions in our surroundings. Science investigates phenomena over a range of scales from the subatomic to the cosmological, from events that take place almost instantaneously to processes that occur over millions of years, from the origins of the universe to contemporary phenomena and it extrapolates to future events.

The Science faculty at Sefton High School attempts to provide students with a contemporary and coherent science education so that they may better understand the natural and technological world in which they live and make a positive contribution to the decisions that shape it.

Science Courses

A variety of challenging and stimulating topics are studied in Years 7 to 10 with an emphasis on practical work, the integration of technology and student research. Each topic is approximately 5 weeks in duration and is designed to allow students to achieve their potential.

Year 7 Science

The topics studied are:

  • Introduction to Science – Working Scientifically
  • Everyday Separations
  • Solar System Week
  • Everyday Forces
  • Classification
  • States of Matter
  • Dinosaurs 
  • Conservation and Ecosystem Management 
  • Fields

Year 8 Science

The topics studied are:

  • Elements and Compounds
  • Chemistry of Change
  • Cells and Plants
  • Body Systems 
  • Water Cycle
  • Scientific Research and Real World Problems 
  • Energy Transformations and Energy Efficieny 
  • Earth’s Resources and Management

Year 9 Science

The topics studied are:

  • Scientific research and health
  • Motion of Objects
  • Periodic Table
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Chemical Reactivity
  • Conservation of ecosystems
  • Energy Conservation
  • Exploring the Universe

Year 10 Science

The topics studied are:

  • Properties of waves
  • Rates of Reactions
  • DNA, Genetics and Forensics
  • Climate Change
  • Electricity Generation
  • Evolution and Natural Selection
  • Radioactivity

Each year group has an excursion or incursion organised to enhance their learning of the concepts being taught. In previous years, some excursions students attended include:

Year 7 – Taronga Zoo

Year 8 – Science Centre and Planetarium

Year 9 – Australian National Museum

Year 10 – Forensic Science (incursion), ANSTO

Year 11 - Field of Mars (Biology), UNSW (Physics)

Year 12 - USYD Kickstart

Assessment in Science

Assessment tasks in Science are designed to evaluate student understaning as well as to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on their own understanding of scientific concepts and skills.

Students in Year 7-10 are assessed through Mid-Year and End of Year examinations which are attempted by all students. In addition to this, students in Year 7 work on a portfolio of taks that are focused on developing a strong foundation in Working Scientifically skills such as planning and conducting first hand investigations, processing and analysing data as well as problem solving. In Year 8-10, students are given opportunities to demonstrate their progress in developing these skills through practical examination, open-ended student research projects (in Year 8 & 10), as well as secondary cources investigation.

In Year 11 & 12, students are assessed through depth studies, research and skills tasks and understanding of their courses as well as develop positive values and attitudes that will assist them in the future.

Science Resources at Our School

Sefton High School has six well-equipped laboratories with one dedicated computer room to facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom. There are also data-loggers and digital microscopes for microscopic observations.

Co-curricular Activities for Science

In addition to their regular studies, students at Sefton High School are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities to broaden their scientific knowledge and skills. These include:

  • ICAS Science 
  • The National Chemistry Quiz
  • The Australian Science Olympiad
  • The NSW Schools Titration Competition
  • National Science Week Activities
  • STANSW Young Students Award