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Literacy and Numeracy Support


Improving student literacy and numeracy skills is the responsibility of all teachers in all faculties. All teachers monitor student’s progress throughout the year and identify any students in need of additional assistance. These students referred to the Learning Support Teacher (LST). The main focus of the Learning Support Teacher is to support students experiencing difficulties in learning.

The LSTs are Ms J Lisson and Ms B Khouri.

The LST provides a supportive service to students requiring learning assistance. This is done by identifying students with additional needs through a number of referral systems and analysing NAPLAN test results.

A range of appropriate support strategies currently operate within the school. 

This includes:

  • assessing students for numeracy and literacy capabilities
  • reporting to the Head Teacher Teaching and Learning of the needs of identified students
  • monitoring students with additional needs across the KLAs
  • providing learning support through:
    • individual or group withdrawal
    • using the Multi-Lit program to improve reading skills
  • responding to individual student requests / self-referral for assistance with homework and assessment tasks
  • assisting course teachers with development or modification of appropriate teaching resources
  • liaising with school staff when requested on: 
    • student programs
    • teaching strategies
    • program modification
    • preparing resource materials with a literacy focus.

After school programs

A peer tutoring program, Books and Buddies, operates on Monday afternoons (2.30 pm – 3.10 pm). It provides an opportunity for older students to assist Year 7 and 8 students who have reading difficulties to improve their skills and enhance their confidence and pleasure in reading.

Assistance is also offered to students experiencing difficulties with Mathematics. Maths Mates is a peer tutoring program which operates concurrently with Books and Buddies. Extra assistance is given to identified students in line with the curriculum.

Professional development

The school is focusing on programs and professional learning aimed at further enhancing students’ literacy and numeracy skills which are enabling skills for all courses.