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Religion and ethics

At Sefton High School, SRE is delivered once a week on Monday during Period 3 for Years 7-10 whose parents have advised us in writing that they wish their child to participate.


On enrolment, parents / carers will be given an SRE participation letter to consider, complete and return. After the initial enrolment, notification of changes to a child's enrolment in SRE can only be made by the parent, in writing, given to the office.


The following providers offer classes at Sefton High School:

  • the Islamic Council of NSW provides Islamic SRE
  • the Islamic Charity Projects Association (ICPA) provides Islamic SRE
  • the Sydney Anglican Diocese provides Christian SRE.


Students who wish to attend these Religious Education classes must have their parent's written permission. Only students who signed permission may attend SRE instruction. Parents need to be aware that future withdrawal must be made in writing to the school.


Due to the small numbers of participating students, those students who are participating in SRE leave their normal classes at the designated time and attend SRE class in a separate space and are supervised by the authorised representative of the respective authorised provider. Sefton High School staff do not attend these SRE classes.


Students not participating remain in their normal timetabled classes with their teachers and participate in meaningful activities such as literacy and numeracy tasks, revision and study.


Information on SRE curriculums can be accessed via the links below:


The Islamic Council of NSW Scope and Sequence (Year 7 - Year 12)


Islamic Charity Projects Association Yr 7-8 Curriculum

Islamic Charity Projects Association Yr 9-10 Curriculum


Sydney Anglican Diocese Curriculum